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I specialize in creating high-quality tactical blades from the finest materials with exceptional ergonomics. I stand by my craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty and a happiness guarantee. Crafted by me alone to ensure the highest quality, these tools are designed to help you achieve compliance and control in challenging situations.

-Yoni W. (Owner & Operator)

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I founded Compliance Edge Knives in 2014 with the goal of achieving the perfect blend of form and function.

All of my knives are meticulously crafted in the USA using a 50/50 blend of hand finishing and precision machining, from the most advanced materials available.

Each knife is utilitarian and tactical with a variety of uses.

As a one-man shop, every knife passes through my hands, ensuring a level of quality that can only be achieved by an individual, not a large company.

My knives are simple, effective, stylish and guaranteed for life.

-Yoni W.